Created as part of DanceTech Residency in Lake Studios Berlin, ‘Unseen’ is a performative space in which sound objects perform a choreography together with the audience and the dancer. The relation between this elements are placed to interweave possibilities for listening, movement and stillness, working with inapparent and involuntary actions.

The performance aims to capture and expose the continuity of movements in feedback systems and allows the audience to be part of an intimate space, where the performance can also be the sound space itself.

A soundscape texturized by movement, which invite the audience to experience the interface of gaze and sound in an haptic way.

Concept, sound objects and performance | Paula Montecinos
Live Sound | Nikola Pieper, Francisco Petrucci
Presented at | Unfinished Friday Lake Studios Berlin and Mainzer 7 Kulturraum
Acknowledgment | Marcela Geische, Marlon Barrios