Exploring urban architecture and spatial relationship between dance and camera, the unusual and the estrangement of the body arises. TOPOS is a video-dance that propose the alteration of space and the frame, conforming ironic mobilities and images in a visual interplaying that invites different approaches about how to involve and perceive movement.

Direction and choreography –  Paula Montecinos | Camera and editing – Mauricio Claro| Performers – Vannia Villagrán, Paulina Vielma, Diego Nawrath, Rodrigo López | Sound and Music –  José Rojas | Produced by – Tercercine | Format and system – HD 1920 X 1080 (NTSC) | Duration –  5′ 48 ” | Year – 2011 | Country – Santiago, Chile | Acknowledgements – Tercercine, Rolo Castro.


-First place Surreal Festival, Plataforma. Berlin, Germany.
-Días de Danza CCE Festival. Santiago, Chile.
-International Video-Dance Festival FIVC. Chile.
-Cocoa-Datei Festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-Dança em Foco Festival. Rio Janeiro, Brasil.
-UARCIS Festival. Santiago, Chile.
-Danzalborde Festival.  Valparaíso Chile.
-Agite y Sirva  Festival. México.