Sounding buddies_

SCORES: Sounding buddies

Read this poem as a mantra, that you want to absorve in the back of your mind. Read it at loud for a few times while moving without stoping. Let the word’s conjunction imprint rhythmically into your movement.

Your body is a mixing board, by Fred Moten.

Come take a listening walk and admire your hand twisting.
The listening is in watching how you move to touch in sounding,
brushing up against your friend,
to see how his position sounds to make the music we are making
by moving the people moving around.
Make soundworks out of rustling to notice the material that
comes up on us, that we come upon, do something with.
Do something with the sound like it’s your friend,
like you met her at the quadrophenic playground.

Body Antenna:

Inclusive Listening. Acknowledging all presences, sounds, vibrations in the space, activating a receptive relationality within your whole body. Imagine your body to become a multidimensional antenna, reaching and seeking for waves to connect with. Expansive not necessary in extension but in directions and sensorial activity, in any way in which you are move by the sounds and bodies that are there.

Fishing sounds:

Collecting sounds from the sonosphere, sound are everywhere, traversing the space, and the materialities in it. From body antenna we expande the range of listening to different microperceptions and wait and are present expanding the listening till we catch a sound in the mind and reinforce it vocally, kinetically , with and instrument.

ECOLOGICAL NICHE_ a collective movement practice.
(Choose a space to work collectively, indoor or outdoor)

Aware of the field of sound, each person gradually find a space to locate and to resonate with the materials, mediums, that affect the sonic environment. There is an specificity in the relation between the sound that is emitted and the locality of that space that make that sound, overlap with other sounds, but keeping it singularity and frequency. There is no interruption in this orchestration, but it may feel chaotic and overwhelming. There is listening through the noise, there is a tuning of coexistence. 

Note the difference between: – being moved by – moving through- and – listening in – sound.