Is a field for artistic research, that start in 2015 to bring together performative practice and sonic experimentation, inviting to experience a closer relation with the specific environment that we inhabit. The project iniciated by Paula Montecinos is supported by the National Art Council of Chile and Metropolitan Park, inviting artists with experience in different areas of creation, to integrate laboratories of experimentation in the San Cristobal Hill of Santiago de Chile.
Exploring strategies of participation in the public space, the project develope two spheres to interconnected experience in exterior as well as the translation into a indoor space.

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Resonances 2017 /
Motion and listening devices.

It is a site specif proposal for urban intervention for a specific site, which invites performative action through a sensitive encounter with the environment, listening and movement. In this interest activate a change in the habits of perception opening a possibility of transformation and reflection on our modes of participation in the world.

A group of people starts a drift through the city. Through mobile sound devices, small gestures and actions, they awaken a new interest in movement.
It is a performance that occurs at the moment of listening and that invites us to subvert our frontal and linear orientation of time, allowing ourselves to be moved by sound and to feel how it moves. The perception becomes more acute, the peripheral vision increases and the crucial action of weight change between one step and another, envelops the group in a being and advance set, which synchronizes and desynchronizes, stops and resumes its rhythm.

Duration: 50 min
By: Paula Montecinos y Andy Dockett
Collaborate: Carolina Marin, Felipe Allende.


Danzalborde Festival 2017