Is a field for artistic research, that start in 2015 to bring together performative practice and sonic experimentation, inviting to experience a closer relation with the specific environment that we inhabit. The project iniciated by Paula Montecinos is supported by the National Art Council of Chile and Metropolitan Park, inviting artists with experience in different areas of creation, to integrate laboratories of experimentation in the San Cristobal Hill of Santiago de Chile.
Exploring strategies of participation in the public space, the project develope two spheres to interconnected experience in exterior as well as the translation into a indoor space.

Artists that participate in this project:
Maria Jose Trucco and Elina Rodriguez (CRA) Fernando Godoy and Esteban Agosin (tsonami), Katalina Mella and Gerardo Figueroa, Paula Montecinos Oliva, Raul Díaz, Andy Dockett, Vannia Villagrán and Mauricio Claro.

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Danzalborde Festival 2017