Resonances 2017.
Dispositifs of Listening and Movement.

It is a site-specif urban intervention, which invites performative action through a sensitive encounter with the environment of Valparaíso, Chile thought dispositifs of listening and movement. The project aims for activate a change in the field of perception, opening a possibility of transformation of our non-linear orientation.

A group of people starts a drift through the hills of Valparaiso city. Mobile sound devices, small gestures and actions, awake a new interest in movement. It is a performance that occurs at the moment of listening and that invites us to subvert our frontal orientation of time and space, allowing ourselves to be moved by sound and to feel how it moves. The perception becomes more acute, the peripheral vision increases and the crucial action of weight change between one step and another, envelops the group in a being and advance set, which synchronizes and desynchronizes, stops and resumes its rhythm.

Duration: 50 min
Sound and movement score: Paula Montecinos
Visual and camara: Andy Dockett
Collaborate: Carolina Marin, Felipe Allende.
Sponsored by: Danzalborde Festival 2017

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Danzalborde Festival 2017