Performative Installation


A porous sonic environment that merges live sound and resonant materials, inviting the audience to decentralize listening, through one another’s skin.

N/pantla, is an immersive sonic installation, that works activating in-between of contradictions, connections, and transformations, where a corporeal debordering of fractured mixes and remixes, half-spoken words, half-screamed vocals, frequencies, whispers, thoughts, laughter and cries, co-exist.

Inspired by G. Anzaldúa N/pantla works as a state from which multiple echoes and voices of resistance and re-existence came into being, and where, poetical, spiritual and political forces assemble, investigate the emancipatory potential of voice, listening and sound, and its echoes to the broader socio-political and natural context.

Live sound and editing_ Paula Montecinos in resonance with sonic objects of Pedro Matías
Invited voices: Johan Mijail (DO) – experts from the novel Chapeo
Angelo Custodio (PL) – experimental voice practice