Somatics approaches to explored body, presence and performativity. A movement practice towards improvisation and choreographic research.


  • How to inquire into the question of what moves a body?
  • How to relate the movement with deep and internal information of the body?
  • How to share this with others in a transformative experience?
  • How to be present in the body?
  • What is a body state?
  • What is presence?  How to expand presence?
  • What is the development of a somatic practice applied to choreographic research?
  • How to develop a movement practice into improvisation?
  • How to proceed to make visible internal processes, thoughts and emotions, like what comes in and out of the body?
  • Is it possible to separate interior and exterior?
  • Which are the borders between them?
  • How can the senses alter the normal states of the body and movement?
  • How can I design interactions within dynamic and changing environments in order to explore and raise attention?
  • Does a body always transforms the other? Is it a body that always create another body?
  • How to document a research process?
  • How to make process part of the final product?
  • Which technologies do I choose for this?