Proposal that develops around the perception of the body-image, exploring in the relationship with the other, the strangeness and transformation of the limits of the body itself. Work that shows us how others and the environment influence the perception and construction of ourselves and our imagination.

Desvarío is installed from the strangeness of the own body before the emergence of an otherness that alters the recognizable limits of what we are, in which the exploration of the movement towards the splintered presence is combined, allowing the interaction between the interpreters in order to approach to the happening of the moment and to the registration of the real. The voice and the word allow to install the evolution of the questions about the image and the representation, proposing relationships where the fiction is broken and the sense is open to the public.

Direction: Paula Montecinos
Performers: Laura Corona – Roberto Toro
Duration: 45 min.
Scenographic Design and Poster: Guillermo Ganga
Sound Design: Raúl Díaz
Costumes: Eva Hidalgo
Scenographic Construction: Esteban Romo
Audiovisual Record and Photography: Mauricio Claro
Production: Vannia Villagrán
Support: Fondart Regional 2008
Premiere and season October 2008 Goethe Institut, 2009 Core Choreography Center, 2009 Nimiku Art Space, CCE Days of Dance Festival 2010.