P A U L A   M O N T E C I N O S

Paula Montecinos Oliva is a Chilean choreographer, sound artist, somatic practitioner and researcher currently based in Amsterdam. Through her work – ranging from dance performance, concerts and sound installations – she proposes practices of affective proximity and auditory imagination as a way to investigate perceptual differences and challenge hegemonic-monotonic thinking.

Paula’s work takes on different formats integrating DIY/DIT technologies, collective practices and movement research to critically engage, re-imagine and experiment with topics of power(s), sound, tech, and affect(s). Latest works and performances include In the drop (2020), Listening through the Noise (2020), Estamir4[2026] (2020), Archipielago (2019), Resonances (2015) and Inside Bodies (2016). Her work have been sponsor by various arts bodies including the National Arts Council of Chile, Graner Center for Creation Barcelona, Dance-Tech ​​Lake Studios Berlin, Con|VERGE Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen Germany, Jan Kassies Fond, Amsterdam among others. She has presented her work in creative platforms, festivals and independent spaces in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Amsterdam, Germany, Austria, England and Spain. 

Paula was co-founder of cultural projects such as Independent Dance Network in Santiago de Chile, Traspasos Editorial Action and Transforma Scenic Circuit, projects that share the common object to promote and activate collaboration and knowledge production in dance and performative arts. Besides her artistic projects, Paula works as a somatic practitioner, artistic adviser and performer for other artists, and has recently graduated from MA DAS Choreography, Amsterdam, AHK.