P A U L A   M O N T E C I N O S

Dancemaker, independent artist and choreographer. She studied dance and choreography at the Academy of Christian Humanism University and carried out with the post-graduate diplomas on Foundations of Contemporary Stage Criticism and Sound Art at the University of Chile. Her wider curiosity about embodiment and movement led her to research somatic practices into creation, receiving a scholarship from National Art Council of Chile, to develop a choreographic research with the mentoring of Shannon Cooney in Dynamic Expansion -craniosacral practice- and in Klein Technique™ with Hanna Hegenscheidt.

She had the support of Graner, Center for Creation of Dance and Performing Arts, Barcelona, Dance-Tech and ​​Lake Studios, Berlin and Con|VERGE Collaboration Residency, Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen, to develop her practice Embodying Listening. In her last pieces, Res-Machina (2012), Unseen (2014), Resonances (2015) and Inside bodies (2016), she integrates diverse strategies to investigate corporal perception and dynamic environments, presentness, coexistence and to constantly reconfigure performer-spectatorship relations, through performances, installations, sound experimentation, audio pieces and guided experiences. 

She has worked in collaboration with artists from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Austria, and Spain, and also worked as initiator of editorial and curatorial projects as Independent Dance Network, Traspasos Editorial Action and Transforma Scenic Circuit; projects that share the common object to promote and activate collaboration, critical thought and experimentation in the modes of production in performative arts.

Besides her choreographic projects, Paula works as a teacher, adviser and performer for other artists and she is currently studying at DAS Choreography Master program at Amsterdam University of the Arts.